Monday, October 9, 2023

 She has walked 10,000 miles through fire and ash and has become like tempered steel. There is strength in her eyes and unequaled beauty in the lines and curves of her body. She is divinely female. Every rebirth, through the dark nights of her soul, has brought her to this place. Her essence is now a heady nectar. She walks with grace of femininity, and the gaze of many follows her wherever she goes.

Yet, she is constantly searching above the sea of many, searching for just one.

The movement of the many flit about, tasting each other, but they never stay long. They're like worker-bees, tasting of many flowers, their eyes always on the Queen.

There is one. He has grown weary of the mundane. Though nearly exhausted from the constant battles of life. he stands tall from the test of time. Now, he searches above the sea of women who have passed through his life, tired of the everyday. He searches for one who brings meaning in his life.He knows there’s something more out there. Something he can't put his finger on. Yet, her scent is so much more intoxicating than anything he's ever known. Her exotic nectar leads him. 

They meet, their eyes locking. From that moment, everytime they come together, profound joy replaces all the years that brought them to this place. Suddenly, life comes into focus, with amazing color and clarity. The air becomes cleaner, the world brighter. Even the music is sweeter.

Yet, once again, life moves in, as it so often does. Life in a modern age reveals all, and the buzzing, of days gone by, begin to send her requests to friend all his conquests from his past, all who he had chosen to remain connected, with trying to hang on to his conquests and still move forward. He had failed to clean up his life from a time when he had been just content to just be. His choices.

He had not prepared for the one who would move with him, and through him. 

But she had chosen a different path. One that did not include a man who hadn't let go of a time gone by. She sighs, then with a shake of her head, she turns and walks away.

An age-old story. He hadn't been ready afterall.

And she's already gone.


Tuesday, May 30, 2023

            Fall in Love

                                                         over and over        


with timeless romance….

Thursday, March 31, 2022


My world had turned techno-colored. I would have never dreamed the expression could have any association with the rich vibrant colors I had found in the wildflowers, the rich, green grass, or the myriads of leaves hanging from giant hardwood trees. My world has lost its vivid brightness, had faded to almost black-and-white, with but a mere hint of color. As if someone had come along and begun to lay in some color and somehow become distracted never to return, leaving but the slightest hue of what could have been….

I would have been almost mesmerized had I been able to focus on anything at all—except for the soul wracking pain that had filled my world to the exclusion of everything else.

~Lenore Wolfe

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Sacred Journey

You bellow from the other side of the door, calling me names. You bang on the door, threatening me. I've locked myself in the bathroom again. I turn on the water in the sink and the tub to drown you out. I start singing a song as loud as I can. I'm singing off key, but I don't care. My throat is raw. 

I pray that you do not force your way through the door. You have before. I trust that you don't want to break the door. That is something you have stopped doing. 

I sit here staring at the wall, half catatonic. My legs are shaking, and no matter how hard I try, I can't stop them. I'm not shaking because I am afraid. I'm not afraid. I just can't take anymore. You don't stop. You never stop. You've been hammering at me for hours. You just want me to see—you won't stop until I see, but I understood what you were trying to say before you finished your first sentence. 

I don't know how I’ve gotten to such a state, and yet, I know exactly why I haven’t left. Every time this happens, I wonder how I could still be here where you can do this to me again, and yet, I know exactly why I stay. 

You keep screaming outside the door. You've been screaming outside that door too many times. Sometimes you go on for days. You use to go on for weeks. 

Pain snakes its way through my soul until I bleed. I know the source, and I do nothing to stop it. I let my life torture me in penitence. I do not try to stop the things that harm me. You tell me that I am the worse thing that can happen to my children, and I do not try to fight your cruel words I do not leave. I let myself bleed as if bleeding with stop the torture. I never stop trying to be good, and I never stop believing that I am bad. I never stop telling myself that I am beautiful, and I never stop believing that I am truly ugly. I don't even know what it is that I need so badly to pay for, but I cannot stop letting myself bleed. No one made me be here. No one made me stay. I stay to pay. I am standing in the shadows. I look out at the sunshine, but I deny myself entrance. I am shadow. 

The deeper my pain, the more I feel alive. It is the only thing that I am allowed to feel. If not for the destruction of my pain, I would not feel anything. I see the child of my past who should have been innocent. I see her thin frail body and her pale skin. I see her eyes reflecting shadow. 

I want to reach out to her, but I cannot. I am afraid that I will break her. I am afraid that I will destroy her. I am afraid of my will. I am afraid of the power of my intent. I do everything inside of me to protect those around me, from me. I make myself behave. I make myself be good. If I do not, I could destroy with my will. I could bend and break the minds of those I love—and that is not love.

You challenge me with your rage. You challenge me with the nasty things you say. I have never heard anyone talk like you. I want to be shocked. I want to be innocent. I want to pretend that I am appalled—but I cannot. I am standing in the shadows, and I am tired of pretending that I am anything that I’m not. For, I am shadow.

I see freedom in the worst of mankind. I see the worst in the hate in your eyes and the venom of your words. I see myself bleeding, and I realize that I don't want to bleed anymore. I see the truth of all that I am, and I realize that I can live with the worst, and perhaps, I can even find the best. I will not be with you when I do. And, it is okay. I am shadow. 

I lay my tear stained face on my bare knees. I came to you to get away from a bad situation, and I have once again traded bad for worse. I've been here too many times. No matter how hard I try, I keep finding myself coming to this same spot in my life. Over and over, I am here, wondering how I got here, wondering how come. I can't stop the cycle.

It is a cycle not of violence but of despair. It is an exact moment, a moment when I pinpoint my deepest unhappiness. It is the moment I realize, yet again, that I have not moved beyond this place, that I am still stuck where I don't want to be. It is the moment when I try, once again, to figure out how I got to be here. This is the place where I question everything I've ever done. This is where I wonder how I'm to go on if I cannot even get myself beyond this moment. 

This moment when I have to face the fact I am still stuck. But then again, perhaps I am not stuck at all. Perhaps this is exactly where I want to be, feeling this deep pain, locked in despair. 

I am shadow. 

For, I stay to pay. I stay, to pay for not being a good elder's daughter. I stay, to pay for not being what I was supposed to be. I stay because, as I write this to you and the world reads what I write, I know my family will pay the price. I stay, because I couldn't believe, and because I couldn't believe I lost everyone. 

I stay because of the truth—their truth, the only truth. I stay, because I must live with the fact that their truth is a lie, and my family is between me and that lie. I stay, because the pain of failing my family will never die. 

They said that you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. And even though I now know that their truth was never truth in reality, I stay, because what they have taught me will never set me free but will torture me until the day I die. I stay because you make me bleed, and as long as I bleed—I live. 

Monday, March 14, 2022


     I’ve lost all fear of being betrayed. I have lost all fear of being abandoned. I have lost all fear of being homeless. I’ve lost all fear of having no place left to turn and no place left to go. I’ve even lost all fear of death itself.

You dressed me up because I’d snubbed you. You dressed me up in a cowgirl outfit and made me dance with you because she’d gone to the dance hall with someone else.

With another of your many affairs, you took me out and bought me a tight-fitting outfit, again at a cheap dress store, because Lilly would be at the study-group, get-together with her husband, and you wanted her to see you had a beautiful woman at home.

You threatened to blow up my world if I threw you out, and yet years later you threatened to make me homeless. And when you had a new girl to whisper to. the same words you'd whispered to me, "I’ve got you, baby, I’ll never let you go"—you threw me out, knowing I had no place left of my own. After all, you had been the one to help me get rid of my things, and you'd helped me to give up my home. Yet you still made me go, though I’d never done the same to you in all those years—all those times I when I should have.

I’ve hidden in closets to escape your wrath, and I’ve taken refuge behind locked bathroom doors, praying you wouldn’t break in. I’ve sat in despair while you forced my bedroom door open, in spite of all the furniture I had placed in front. I’ve lied to cover bruises, and I’ve bled internally from the damage you'd done, and you weren’t done with me. No, you couldn’t be done until you could make me out as the bad one, the crazy one who wouldn’t leave you alone. You knew I loved you, and you used my love to bring me down.

Well baby, I’ve crawled across glass for every ounce I’ve gained since then, and I’ve lost all my fear along the way. I’ve come to know that if I hadn’t been so afraid of being betrayed—I’d have never been afraid of you at all….

Most of all—you will get to watch me be wildly successful at everything you sought to destroy. You will get to watch me be the successful author you said I’d never be. You will get to watch as I live wonderfully—every dream you tried to trample into dust. You did your best to shatter those dreams, so I think it’s fitting that all the things you swore I sucked at are the things that raise me up. Every time you turn a corner and find me there, doing well, I want you to remember the very last thing you did to me—when I was down and out…. 

I’ll forgive you some day like I forgave you all the rest. Keeping grudges only gives you power, and you don’t have that right…but I will never give you the love you so willingly threw away. And I feel sorry for you—because you’re the one who’s going to miss my love.

Isn’t it funny how we never appreciate what we have—until it’s gone?

Bet it drives you more than a little crazy that I have the peace you’d never let me know. And when I laugh, I'll remember you tried to take that too. Too much joy always seemed to irritate you. I will live each day with joy, knowing that if you hadn’t thrown me out—I'd still be right there shaking, watching your face, all twisted with hate, and listening to every disgusting word you’d scream….

You didn’t deserve all the years I stood beside you, even while you brutalized the love I never tried to hide. Still, you have spared me anymore of the rage that eats at you—and for that I’m thankful we finally, really are—through.

You never deserved—me. And baby, I’m finally home.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wallowing is how negative energy keeps us lost and confused. Wallowing keeps us stuck, unable to let go, unable to forgive others. But we must also love ourselves just as much, forgive ourselves, which we often find so much harder to do. When we let go, we go forward. This way, we remove the dam to our emotions and allow our emotions to flow through us, the way it was meant. Emotions are meant to move, the way the river moves. Life is not meant to be stuck, like a pool that becomes stagnant. When we let go, we remove the burdens that wear us down. We release the past. And, in doing so, we release the heavy, dead energies that keep us tied down and prevent us from feeling the pure joy that is our birthright. ~Lenore Wolfe