Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Witchy Comments
~Magickal Graphics~
Morgan had become concerned, of late, about Alex. Hed had something on his mind, and it seemed like the more she thought they were getting close—the more hed pull away. Frustrated, she tried to put it from her mind. But she couldnt help it. She needed to figure out what bothered him. She needed for him to talk to her—but she didnt know how to get him to do that.

She knew what that probably meant—and she didnt like it. Only one thing could cause him to drift away from her—and if that were true—then she also knew what had been distracting him.

Distractions like that usually meant secrets. And Morgan didnt like secrets. They usually meant they had skeletons hidden in their closet—they were fighting to keep hidden.

She didnt know what she would do—if she found out that Alex had been keeping something from her.

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